Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
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Dreame K10 Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum

Pro-level cleaning with ease

  • Detects dirt adjusts power, cleans better
  • 120,000RPM brushless motor+ Massive 15kPa power = A cleaner home
  • Nonstop cleaning for 30min*,890ml clean water tank
  • 6mm To-the-Edge Cleaning
  • 3.8kg Ultra-light Body
  • Twin scraper, Tune up the cleaning performance
  • One-press self-cleaning
  • Self-propelled Power Traction

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Trouver K10 Pro

Pro level cleaning with ease
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Smart Dirt Detection
15kPa Powerful Vacuum
120,000RPM Brushless Motor
3.8kg Ultra-Light Body
30min Runtime
6mm Edge Cleaning

120,000RPM Brushless Motor + 15kPa Suction

= A cleaner home. Go from a cluttered home to a cleaner one with K10 Pro's 120,000RPM¹ brushless motor that delivers 15,000Pa² suction, leaving no cola spills or pet fur behind.

30min Nonstop Cleaning

Clean Water Tank
Up to
Used Water Tank
Up to
200m² ( 2152ft²)

Have an Edge over Dirty Edges

The brush thoroughly cares for your baseboards' edges up to 6mm (0.24in),⁴ leaving your home looking more presentable. When cleaning, K10 Pro doesn't cut corners; it cleans them.

Light but Cleans with Might

Main Body

Main Body

Main Body ×1
Cleaning Brush ×1
Power Adapter ×1
Charging Base ×1
Handle ×1
Main Body ×1
Cleaning Brush ×1
Power Adapter ×1
Charging Base ×1
Handle ×1
  • Product Name Trouver K10 Pro
    Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • Charging Time Approx. 4.5 hours
  • Rated Power 220W
  • Used Water Tank Capacity 600ml
  • Clean Water Tank Capacity 890ml
  • Display LED
  • Prompts Yes
  • Type of Brush Edge Cleaning
  • Self-Cleaning Yes
  • ¹120,000RPM: Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ²15,000Pa: Data tested by Suzhou GTT Service Co., Ltd. (Report No.: 0171-23A-01)

    ³30min & 200m² (2152ft²): 2152ft² rounded down from 2152.78ft². Based on Dreame Lab testing data under Auto mode. Actual runtime may vary.

    ⁴6mm (0.24in): Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ⁵3.8kg (8.38 lbs): Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ⁶540RPM: Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ⁷Electrolyzed water (EW) inactivates 99.99% of HCoV-229E, H1N1, H3N2, and EV-A71 based on Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology testing (Report No.: 2023FM09122R01, 2023FM09122R02, 2023FM09122R03, 2023FM09122R04).

    EW also removes 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and E. coli based on Guangdong Institute of Microbiology testing (Report No.: 2022FM06106R03, 2022FM06106R04, 2022FM06106R02).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Angela P.
    Works well

    This is a really nice unit. Lightweight, but powerful and gets the job done. Long lasting battery life between charges. Made well and sturdy. Shipped and delivered quickly without issues in shipping. Packed well to avoid damage in shipping. Excellent quality and works really well. Reasonable price for a unit that pulls double duty as vacuum and mop. I highly recommend.

    Ya know, It Sucks In The Best Ways

    The dreame Trouver K10 Pro Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner has revolutionized my cleaning routine. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, making cleaning a breeze. The smart dirt detection and 15kPa suction power ensure thorough cleaning, whether it’s wet or dry messes. The self-wash feature is incredibly convenient, and the edge cleaning capability ensures no dirt is left behind. With a 30-minute runtime, I can clean my entire home on a single charge. This vacuum is a fantastic investment for anyone looking for an efficient and versatile cleaning tool.

    The price isn’t worth the convenience

    I’m trying to be as far as possible as I can with this review. The one thing I kept in my mind when writing it is the $300 price tag. While we will find a use for it at home, I would never spend that much on this device.

    Underpowered, that’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of this device. It does not replace a vacuum, because it will not pick up anything larger than breadcrumbs. It also does not replace a mop, because it will not remove any dried on gunk or scum. It wouldn’t even fully remove some slightly dried apple juice from vinyl plank after passing over it for several minutes. It will pick up spilled water, milk, juice, ketchup, etc. you just have to get to it right away. That is it.

    This device is basically an automatic paper towel. Any caliber of job that can be cleaned up with a paper towel, this “vacuum mop” can clean with slightly less effort. But no, because you have to charge it, clean it, rinse it, refill it.. Rather than tossing the towel in the trash, or better yet, using reusable kitchen towels.

    We have our daily-use spray mop, and weekly-use steam mop, and of course our vacuum. We will be sticking to those devices because this one adds more work in maintenance than it saves in clean-up.

    Israel Lopez
    High quality!!!

    Very powerful and effective, this vacuum is definitely a game changer, my wife and I love this vacuum, now we are able to vacuum and liquid such as water, juice or milk, and with kids around that happens pretty often, sturdy and durable , average price compared to similar products out there, easy to use, self cleaning is a plus, this vacuum is not as lightweight as others but it so powerful that it actually pulls forward by itself so you don’t really have to put to much effort to do it, running time last 30 minutes, fast shipping and well packaged

    Tree Gallagher
    Could Be A "Dream" to Clean Hard Floors Everywhere!

    Honestly? I had never heard of the brand Dreame, never. I was missing out on a lot in the floor cleaning venue it would seem, as they have a great reputation and many loyalist! I found out by snooping around and may I say? All was incredibly positive! The model I have is the Trouver K10 Pro, there is also one of the same? But without the Pro on the ending! Both seem to have outstandingly cleaning forward technology, and I will try to present what I know so far, as have not been in the Dreame time cleaning game long, but I am trying to be a fast learner? So here we go...

    So this runs at 120,000 RPM, and delivers up to 15K Pa in suction power. A one press self cleaner, although have not gotten that far quite yet, I am sure soon. Now this has something called "smart dirt detection", now get this, this determines what kind of dirt it is? Then adjusts the power and suction to clean the best possible way. ALL by knowing what kinda dirt it is!!!! I never have any idea what kinda dirt is what? Nor do I ever know where it came from. Everyone who resides here denies having anything to do with anything, so I am thinking this system is brighter than I am! I have no idea ever what kinda dirt is on my floors, let alone a constructive and effective way to clean! I simply try to get it up before the many animals track it even further!!! Lol. Now this dirt identification process is simply beyond my mortal abilities! I found myself starting to wonder if I was intelligent enough to operate it properly! But just because it knows more than I do doesn't mean... Well? Never mind... Lol OH MY! Onward!

    Okay, it weighs 8.38 Libs., talk about lightweight! So easy to move it from place to place with none of that heavy dragging feeling I had with my old wet mop thingy. . Do you see how quickly I choose all the delightful options this "Dreame of flooring" provides? I turned my back on my older system quicker than the dirt was identified! So much for my loyalty! LOL But the lightweight feature does keep my back pain down, and it also has an advanced propulsion so it literally seems to move on its own! Amazing!
    It has a unique scraper system, as in the front? It manages via a large scraper to keep the hair (what hair you ask? I have more hair on the floor at times, then I think we all have hair on our heads!) from becoming tangled all up where it becomes needed to go locate scissors to cut all that nasty out! YEK! Meanwhile, the rear scraper keeps the water residue from staying on the floor and causing another full "go over"! These scrapers are rubber, flexible, and Im pretty sure I am right on all that.

    Now, I have to mention the edges? You know what I mean? Your trying to get as close to the wall as possible? But you just cant seem to find a way to have it suck up that one part near the wall? You end up feeling really grouchy as you have to get something else then, all to get that ONE line of "yuk" that just won't come up any other way? Have no fear, your "Dreame" is here!!! Woot Woo!
    Yes, this cleaning marvel is designed with that in mind, and it reaches up to 6 mm in edge closeness! I know right? And yes! There indeed IS more! Lol...

    You know with your other electric mop how you have to stop at some point, as the light that screams REFILL REFILL is flashing at you but you don't need to because your THIS frigging close to finishing? But never the less, you have to give in, stoping, and go through ALL that you know you didn't NEED to. Just to put that water in it? You TOLD the machine that was all it needed? But you HAD to fill it, finding the dispenser was fun, NOT done as you thought. It just needs to give a tiny bit? But of course not before that dreadful refill light and all that routine just for that spray, that 1/2 spray.

    But now? HA! You don't ever fear, as this marvelous machine of cleaning dreams is here! LOL! Solved of course as guess what? This floor cleaning marvel has a LARGER water tank than the basic ones? Or should I say like "all the rest"... NO MORE having to redo the entirety for that last water spray! Never more, saving time and my last nerve! Lol.
    It also has a prolonged battery lifespan? I don't need to explain how fab that is, but I WILL say cutting down on recharge and going up in usable moments is beyond what I ever could have hoped for! ALL of this is beyond my imagination, because sure? Everyone dreams of having all that? No-one is going to make any floor cleaning apparatus that takes care of the user, NEVER. It has always been n sure always will be you having to take all those inconvenient "extras"? And your the one sucking it up! It's just a normal part of cleaning I thought. But then? Those "Dreame's"? They came true!

    I KNOW there is a lot more in tech type finds than I have discovered. I feel almost guilty, as I am most likely now holding the cleaner back, not allowing it to fulfill its true potential, Lol.
    But I plan on finding out all I do not know now very soon. As wi...