Things You Should Never Do with Your Vacuum

Cleaning up a home is one of the most essential tasks in our everyday lives. We may use various methods, techniques, and vary our timings, but one thing is certain that vacuuming the floor is necessary. The vacuum cleaner is by no means a modern invention. It came about at the start of the 20th century and has since found its way into virtually every home.

The efficacy of vacuum cleaners often makes us forget what we can and cannot clean with them. Regardless of its power to sweep up virtually everything, we should be cautious when using vacuum cleaners. Not everything can be swept up and certain things might even damage the machine, thus rendering it useless. In our article, we shall give you a comprehensive guide on what you can and cannot clean up, and why a Dreame vacuum is a device you must have in your home.

Things You Cannot Vacuum

Now we turn our focus to the topic of the article, which is the things you should not vacuum. This matter is far more significant as it can damage your vacuum, make it inefficient, or even render it useless. We shall look at what things you should avoid when vacuuming the floor, and how you can deal with it instead.

Broken Glass

Shattered glass can be incredibly painful to clean up and you will get the urge to pull out your vacuum cleaner for this. However, you must resist and ask yourself if you can vacuum glass. Bits of glass can be quite dangerous for your vacuum. For the cleaners with a bag, vacuuming glass can easily tear it and create a huge mess. Even for the vacuum cleaners without a bag, bits, and pieces of glass can still damage their insides. Bigger fragments can get lodged in the pipe and cause it to function irregularly.

Instead of using a vacuum, you should first sweep up the bigger pieces and dispose of them carefully. Once you do that, you will be left with microscopic pieces of glass, and you can clean these up by using a damp piece of cloth, paper towel, dough, or bread.

broken glass


An important question that readers often ask is, can I vacuum water? The answer is that you should not bring your machine near anything wet at any cost. This is because the vacuum cleaner already houses a ton of dust, dirt, and other impurities. Introducing water to it would be a horrendous idea. It can lead to mildew growth or worse, the water can lead to an electrical failure in the vacuum cleaner. The latter can even render your vacuum unserviceable.

The best way to clean up water is by using a microfiber cloth that can soak it up completely.

Wet Foods

If you have spilled any kind of soup, soggy cereal, wet coffee grounds, and tea leaves, or sauces, avoid using your vacuum at all costs. It will simply create a mess inside the vacuum cleaner and will certainly damage your vacuum. When vacuuming the floor, take extra caution to ensure that there is no spilled food making their way into your vacuum cleaner.

What you should do is use a microfiber cloth to absorb it. If the wet food has chunks, you can pick up using your hand or a broom, doing that first is advisable.

Ash and Fine Dust

Vacuum cleaners might be tough, but they are not designed to handle a particulate matter such as fireplace ash or fine dust. This is because most vacuum cleaners do not come with a filter that can handle speck of such size. It can coat the inside of your vacuum and clog it or worse, it can end up back in the air.

A good way to clean up fine matter is by using a broom to sweep it all up. Alternatively, you could use wet material such as used coffee grounds to lump it all together for an easier cleaning method.

ash and fine dust


Spiling make-up on a carpet is nothing short of a tragedy. It can be a mess to use a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum brush can make the spill worse as it can stain the carpet or floor. In case the makeup gets sucked up into the vacuum cleaner, it can be disastrous for the vacuum bag. It can melt and create a mess that is worse than a makeup spill.

You should pick up as much makeup as you can and dispose of it. As for the stains, you can use an easy stain remover for your carpet.


While the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner may have made us lethargic and utilize it to clean almost everything, we should be aware of what things a vacuum cleaner can handle and what things it cannot.