How to Get Wax out of Carpet with Vacuum

Keeping every nook and corner of your house clean can be a really challenging task. Using candle lights during a dinner party or as decorating options in some areas of the house is a good decoration idea.

However, there is always a possibility for the wax to drip on to the carpets. Getting the melted wax out of the carpet may look like a tough thing to do. However, if you follow some simple steps you will know how to get wax out of carpet easily.

But before you follow the steps, there are certain things that can help you to remove wax out of carpet. Let us find out what these things are.

Things You Will Need

For removing candle wax out of carpet you will be needing the following few things:

  1. Ice Bag or Ice Pack
  2. Iron or Hair dryer
  3. Paper Towel
  4. Carpet Cleaning Solution or Rubbing Alcohol
  5. A Butter Knife
  6. Vacuum cleaner

Each of these things would be required through the various steps involved in removing wax from the carpet. Let us now find out how to get candle wax out of carpet.

remove wax from carpet

Steps to Remove Wax Out of Carpet

You can easily remove stubborn wax from your carpets if you follow these simple steps. The first thing or the preliminary requirement of course is to get all the materials ready which we discussed in our previous section.

Once all the required things are procured and are ready for use, we can start with the process of removing candle wax out of carpet. Let us now look at the steps involved.

Step 1: Freezing the Wax on Carpet

The candle wax on your carpets needs to be removed immediately as soon as you see or notice it. If you wait longer, it gets harder to clean the wax from your carpets and the stain they leave afterward.

You may see that the wax on the carpet is messy and is spread through the carpet. Some of it may be there on the carpet but may not be visible. To make sure all the wax on the carpet is visible properly, you need to do this step.

In this step, a bag of ice or an ice pack is placed on the top of the carpet on the spots where candle wax has fallen. This would freeze the wax on the carpet that would make the wax spots more clearly visible, thereby making it easy to clean. Ensure that the carpet does not get wet while the freezing process as moisture would only make the stains worse.

Step 2: Scraping the Wax off the Carpet

Once the wax on the surface is completely frozen, you may now start scraping off the wax from the carpet gently. Using a butter knife ensures that the carpet does not get torn or cut in the process. Make sure you are not going too rough while removing the wax from the carpet as you do not want to end up cutting the threads of the carpet and damaging it.

This process will help you remove most if not all of the wax from the carpet. Once the wax pieces are all removed, you can either vacuum them or simply remove them off the carpet and proceed to the next step.

how to get candle wax out of carpet

As pointed out in step 2, freezing and then scraping off the wax will only help you to partially remove the wax from the carpet but the wax stains remain with some leftover wax that cannot be removed merely by scraping. In this step, you will need to use a paper towel and the steam iron or hair dryer.

Start by placing the paper towel on the top of the wax stains. Heat up the iron at its lowest setting and gently run the iron over the towel to heat up the wax. Keep running the iron over the paper towel until you see the paper towel absorbing the wax from the carpet.

Ensure that the heat level is at the minimum or else the paper towel may burn to make the stains more rigid and difficult to remove. If you don't want to use the steam iron, simply run the hot hair dryer over the carpet and then use the paper towels to absorb the resultant wax on the carpet.

Once you are done with the heat and absorb process, it is time for the final cleaning step.

Step 4: Cleaning the Carpet

This step is the final and the most important step. Though every step is equally important, this step gives the desired cleaned look that you are expecting off your carpet after the entire process. This step has two parts. The first part is cleaning the carpet with a cleaning solution and then vacuuming the carpet using a vacuum cleaner.

Always ensure to use the best vacuum cleaner while cleaning carpet and the Dreame T20 does the job just right. So, in this step, you will clean the carpet using a carpet solution and see how to remove candle wax from carpet with Dreame vacuum.

Gently pour some carpet cleaning solution over the stained areas of the carpet. If there are colored stains of wax all over the carpet, use some rubbing alcohol, dab a small cloth towel with it, and gently remove the stains on the carpet using the cloth. Once the carpet is dried, run your Dreame T20 vacuum cleaner over the carpet, and in no time your carpet will return to its original spot free form and texture.

how to remove candle wax from carpet with dreame vacuum


To summarize, though removing wax stains and wax from your carpet is an overwhelming task, you can easily remove all the wax and subsequent stains from your carpet without any difficulty by using simple DIY steps at home.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this piece as a guide to removing candle wax from carpet and keep your home carpets ready for the next candlelight dinner party.