D10 Plus Main Brush Cover
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D10 Plus Main Brush Cover

The package includes one main brush cover, specifically made for the DreameBot D10 Plus. This cover protects the main brush and the machine, reduces floor scratches, and prevents cables from becoming entangled.



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D10 Plus Main Brush Cover

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Ann Collins

D10 Plus Main brush cover

Mike & Bonnie Rogers
The best robot vacuum and the best company support

What a fantastic excellent robot vacuum. The best thing about this company is you can actually talk to someone if you need help with it. We tried another company and when we needed help they did not have any customer support you had to email them that's bullshit so I sent it back. If you're paying a few hundred bucks you should be able to talk to someone like this company. The tech department is fantastic very friendly and smart. I even called them before I purchase just to see how they were. I was so happy I purchase as soon as I got off the phone with them. The vacuum is fantastic one of the highest suctions on the market. We have a golden retriever Chihuahua and a house cat so we have pet hair (Tumbleweed) we watched his vacuum sucked it up just like all big vacuums. We have bad backs and so nice now not to use our big vacuum anymore. Just vacuum goes white where you want it. Can't believe how it goes white under Dressers beds the dining room hutch on your couch and chairs it's just wonderful. This is one of our best purchases we ever made. After it mapped our house I put the map up by rooms this way if I want a certain room vacuum it just does that room and goes back to the charging and empty out. I can't say enough good stuff about the D10Pro. Purchase this and your life will become easier 🤠. One important thing I must say. They tell you to download this MIhome app on your phone or tablet whatever and you can operate the vacuum.'DON'T DO NOT STOP Download this app IT IS A BULL SHIT SCAMMING APP. they took over my phone cut my service off try to take over my Wi-Fi I deleted the app and reinstalled it and every time it did the same thing and it's got so much bullshit ads and a lot of other stuff that don't even pertain to what you got. That night I got it to work with the vacuum and the mat my house but not good. So right away I did some research and I found that the company have their own app that they used to use it for some reason why do they promote this other Mi home SHIT app I don't know why. I go to your App Store and look for Dreamehome app Download that one it's free and no in app purchases not like the other one. This one connect to your Wi-Fi and your vacuum so easy no hassle no takeover of your device and so easy to use. I installed the app on both of our phones and on the Alexa show. All friends came over and they couldn't believe how good this Vacuum works so they are going to order one. All I can say is to everyone reading this if you really want a robot vacuum don't lick around I did the research for you. Purchase D10Pro and you would never regret it. OK have a nice day and enjoy your vacuum because we are 👍🏻🤠

Elizabeth Burcina

I’m very frustrated my Internet will not connect it has been a nightmare