Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum
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Dreame K10 Wet and Dry Vacuum

Less weight. Easier cleaning

  • Leaves no flaw on your floor- Standard mode for basic cleaning
  • 6mm To-the-Edge Cleaning
  • 30-Minute* Cleaning, 890ml Clean Water Tank
  • One-press self-cleaning with just a press of a button
  • Twin scraper. Tune up the cleaning performance.
  • Self-propelled Power Traction-Pulls
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Trouver K10

Less weight. Easier cleaning.
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Wet and Dry Cleaning
3.8kg Ultra-Light Body
30min Runtime
6mm Edge Cleaning
Special Twin Scraper
One-Press Self-Cleaning

Light but Cleans with Might

K10's lightweight 3.8kg (8.38 lbs)¹ build cleans with impressive performance, making it a walk in the park when cleaning around your house, from downstairs to upstairs.

Have an Edge over Dirty Edges

30min Nonstop Cleaning

Clean Water Tank
Up to
Used Water Tank
Up to
200m² ( 2152ft²)

Expressive Voice Prompts

Real-Time Interaction

The slick LED display keeps you aware of current cleaning status, battery level, and other essential details.

Main Body

Main Body

Main Body ×1
Cleaning Brush ×1
Power Adapter ×1
Charging Base ×1
Handle ×1
Main Body ×1
Cleaning Brush ×1
Power Adapter ×1
Charging Base ×1
Handle ×1
  • Product Name Trouver K10
    Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • Rated Power 220W
  • Weight 3.8kg (8.38 lbs)
  • Charging Time ≈ 4.5 hours
  • Runtime 30min
  • Used Water Tank 600ml
  • Clean Water Tank 890ml
  • Battery 7 x 2,400mAh
  • Self-Cleaning Yes
  • Voice PromptsYes
  • Type of Brush Edge Cleaning
  • Display LED
  • ¹3.8kg (8.38 lbs): Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ²6mm (0.24in): Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    ³30min & 200m² (2152ft²): 2152ft² rounded down from 2152.78ft². Based on Dreame Lab testing data under Standard mode. Actual runtime may vary.

    ⁴540RPM: Based on Dreame Lab testing data.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Love Love Love this

    We have a crawling baby turning into a toddler and our floors need to be clean at all times! We used to do the swifter wet mop and that was so tedious to do every week and switching out the wet towel every time. No more with this!! Easy to set up, easy and simple to use. Over all, keeps your floor clean and barely any work to do it! If it takes us almost 45min to mop our floor with the swifter, it takes 10min with this and it does a better job cleaning it that you don't have to scrub the floor. Easy to maintain, and the charging base does a self-cleaning to keep the brush head clean. Instructions are pretty clear on what and what not to do. Must get for those that need their floors cleaned!

    Robert Brady
    So close to perfect, but misses a couple marks.

    Let's start with the most important takeaway: This is my favorite way to clean up the floors in my house.

    OK, now let's nitpick.

    1) There is no light on the base, a feature that has come on so many vacuums since the 90s. If you have a very brightly lit house, this likely will be negligable to you. But as my house is nearing 35 years old, that's not the case for me. Having even a simple LED on the leading front edge would help immensely in seeking out spots that need special attention.

    2) There is a surprising learning curve that I am not a fan of. It wants to self propel, but if you let it do that, it won't clean as well. This is OK, but it's not intuitive. If there is a particular stubborn spot, you have to kind of hold it there and wiggle back and forth or side-to-side to get it to clean up. Once you've mastered that technique, it is very effective.

    3) You can't use soap or detergents with it. The instructions specifically tell you not to use anything that could foam as it may ruin the motor. While plain water does a shockingly great job at cleaning your floor, it does nothing to help make the rooms smell nice. There is something pleasant about the smell of a freshly mopped floor that this can't mimic, and I feel like that is another miss.

    All that said: I am nitpicking. This is otherwise a fantastic unit and I am so glad that we have it. The self cleaning is great, it is not too loud, and it does a good job of cleaning your floors. Bonus: It is a GREAT tool to have for cleaning up liquid spills before you reach for the paper towels!

    Pro-tip: Since you need to dump your tank into the sink after use, I would recommend you vacuum or sweep your floors before you run this. But if you do that, you could almost get rid of your standard wet mop and just use this! (almost...)

    Where has this thing been all my life?

    Easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to clean. I can't ask for any more than that

    made my hardwood floors clean and bright

    I've used a stiffer since day one on my floors. While it works, it always left streaks so I had to always redo it multiple times.

    This wet dry vac cleaner is fantastic. I mopped my floors in half the time and they were just as clean and bright. I am very happy with this. My floors dried very fast too. I used hot water in the tank and just mopped like usual. Some spots needed a few passes but other than that it was simple and easy to use.

    This mop is slightly self propelled. It pulls forward only so there will be a little tension pulling it back but it was still super easy.

    The tanks clean and dirty water, clip in easy and there are NO leaks while using it. There are a few settings for mopping, standard and a more heavy traffic area which puts out more water. The other settings is the self clean so when you put it back on the charger it runs a cleaning cycle which also worked great. There are also voice prompts but the thing talks fast and low so I didn't understand it half the time.

    It's also lightweight even when filled with water so it's easy to bring upstairs etc. Great for tile, vinyl and hardwood floors. This is not for carpets. It will pick up spills and splats. Some small size food as well and also dirt and mud. There's an LCD screen that tells you how much charge is left and a few other settings. I'm extremely happy with this.

    Saundra Wright

    I am very impressed with this. It does everything it advertised. I have exclusively tiled floors and it cleaned very well. The edger is the best I've seen. Great product.