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DreameBot L10s Ultra presale
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DreameBot L10s Ultra

Automatic clean. Absolute freedom.

  • Fully automated cleaning with automatic dust collection, mop-cleaning, mop-drying, water-refilling, solution-adding, fast mapping, and path-planning.
  • Cleans smarter with advanced AI Action that utilizes an RGB camera and 3D structured light to learn your home, tailor cleaning strategies, and plan effective cleaning routes.
  • Vacuums deeply with 5,300Pa* of powerful suction to pull hair, dirt, dust, and debris up from rugs, out of carpets, and off of hard floors.
  • Delivers up to 60 days of hands-free cleaning with an advanced auto-empty base and high-capacity 3L dust bags.
  • Automatically cleans and dries its mops—rinsing the pads, scrubbing them against the base plate, and blowing them dry with hot air.
  • Early Bird discount is available on Amazon and the dreametech official store 09/25/2022.
  • Comes with free extra accessories.
  • We provide a 1-year worry-free warranty.
  • Only one coupon can be bought at a time. Only one coupon can be applied to each L10s Ultra purchase.
  • If the code you received has expired, please contact our live chat for support.
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